Without Consciousness There Is Nothing

Without Consciousness There Is Nothing
  • Pondering reality: We frequently consider what’s real, but this ability to ponder hinges on our consciousness. Without consciousness, the act of questioning itself would be impossible.
  • Consciousness is key: Without consciousness there is nothing. It is the principal instrument we use to understand and comprehend. Without it, we can’t ask questions, we can’t do science or art.
  • Is consciousness merely an instrument, or is it the essence of who we are? This is a debate without consensus, and although there is no agreed-upon definition of consciousness, we can experientially explore our own existence. Experientially, we can all explore the fact that I experience, the fact that I feel, and if I am doing those two things the fact that I exist.
  • Curiously: The concept of “first-person point of view” transcends mere characteristics we possess; it fundamentally defines our essence. What that essence is we don't know.
  • Collective Exploration: The quest to understand consciousness isn't limited to scientists or philosophers. Every conscious individual, including you, plays a role in this exploration, making us all explorers of consciousness, or Consciousness Explorers.