We Live in Two Worlds at the Same Time

We Live in Two Worlds at the Same Time

The Concept: Have you ever considered the idea that each of us lives not just one but two distinct lives? It's a thought that might seem straight out of a science fiction novel, yet it's grounded in the everyday experience of dreaming.

Dreaming vs. Waking: While it's true that we don't always remember our dreams, it's a fact that we all dream several times each night. Personally, I belong to the group of people who vividly recall their dreams, at least for a short while after waking up, before they fade away.

The Observer in Dreams: But have you ever pondered over who exactly experiences these dreams? There's an observer within every dream. That observer is you. Just like when we are awake, it is you that exists, it is you that is experiencing, and it is you that is feeling. You are doing the same in your dreams; you are actively observing, experiencing, feeling, and existing in the happenings of your dreams.

Realization and Reflection: This observation leads us to an intriguing realization. We create our own dreams, and how they are formed is a complex and fascinating topic in itself – certainly a subject worthy of exploration in a future post. However, for today, I invite you to meditate on this idea: we live two lives simultaneously. One life unfolds in what we call the external world, while the other takes place in the internal realm of our dreams.

The Reality of Dreams: Both of these lives are equally real to us. We are conscious in both. In the waking world, our senses guide us, and in the dream world, do we have subtle senses there? I definitely see in my dreams; I have also tasted, smelled, heard, and even felt my skin being touched. What about you?

Consciousness in Dual Lives: This concept isn't just an abstract theory; it has profound implications for how we understand consciousness and existence. By acknowledging that we are the observers and witnesses in both our waking life and our dream life, we open ourselves to a deeper understanding of our own consciousness.

Final Thought: So, the next time you find yourself lost in a dream, remember that you're not just a passive participant. You're the conscious observer, navigating yet another aspect of your complex, multidimensional existence.